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The Startup That Surpassed Apple And Samsung In The Accessory Game [VIDEO]


When it comes to consumer electronics and accessories, it is a neck-to-neck competition between Apple and Samsung, each with their own rabid set of fanbase. However, there's one startup company that is beating these two giants in the electronics accessory game - Anker.

Anker is now considered the most popular portable battery pack in Amazon. The brand gained momentum during the height of the popularity of Pokemon GO. Although portable chargers have been around quite some time, it became an even more must-have item as players kept their phones perpetually plugged to catch Pokemon. That is also the time Anker emerged as a winner while other brands remained anonymous.

Searching for electronic accessories in Amazon and typing the keywords "cell phone charger" or "lightning cables" on the search bar will show Anker topping the list with a 4.5 to a 5-star rating.

So how powerful are these Anker portable chargers?

One of its flagship products, the PowerPort 5, is a 10,000 mAh portable charger which can charge a depleted iPhone7 four times faster than any portable charger in just over 60 minutes. It can also charge five devices simultaneously with the same speed as well.

Anker does not stop with portable battery chargers. It has also developed multi-port wall plugs, cables, and other accessories. They also continue to look for gaps and capitalize on that. For example, when Apple removed the headphone jack when it launched the iPhone 7, Anker began creating new cables and dongles that will make it easier for consumers.

Another reason why the company is edging out Samsung and Apple is because it produces the same quality (in fact, even better) as these big names but for a cheaper price. As Wall Stree Journal tech columnist Joanna Stern puts it, Anker is successful because Apple offers "subpar and expensive accessories."

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