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Apple Patents A Pizza Box Designed To Prevent Soggy Pizza [VIDEO]


Who doesn't love pizza? However, they lose their appeal when they get soggy and cool. Thus, Apple took it on their shoulders to make sure every pizza-loving human on earth will not get soggy pizzas by designing a pizza box that keeps it from getting into the sorry state.

The pizza box was not totally new among Apple employees since it has been a regular fare in Apple's Caffe Macs for years. In fact, it even made a special appearance on Twitter when Apple employees paid a tribute to the late Steve Jobs.

But what makes this pizza box special?

For one, it does not look like the typical square pizza box but a cylindrical design with holes on top to allow air to circulate around it inside. The inside bottom has concentric rings where extra grease can drip and cool. It has a clasped lid so it can be carried using one hand with ease.

The pizza box was reportedly invented so that Apple employees can easily carry their pizza box to their desks while the holes on top keep the pizza from getting soggy.

The inventors of the cylindrical pizza box must have thought it very brilliant that they applied a patent for its design in 2010. The patent for the invention, which can be found online, listed Francesco Longoni and Mark E. Doutt as the inventors. Longoni is the head of Apple's food services.

The pizza box might look simple but it reflects Apple's core values of inspiring their own to continually create and innovate things whose levels of quality also grows.

This is also the reason why Apple continues to create a sense of a perfect environment for its workforce so that they will be spurred and inspired to create and innovate.

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