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Robert Mueller's Appointment As Special Prosecutor, Reportedly A Witch Hunt [VIDEO]


Robert Mueller has been appointed as the special prosecutor to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 election. The appointment was like a sucker punch for President Donald Trump as he had no idea about it. Hours after the appointment, he tweeted that it was a witch hunt.

When White House counsel Don McGahn told President Trump that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had just appointed Mueller as special prosecutor for the Russian probe, the president handled the news well than anyone expected.

However, he couldn't hide his hurt regarding the move and tweeted what he really felt about it saying that no other politician in American history has experienced this kind of persecution. He also mentioned how the Clinton and Obama administration had committed illegal acts but no "special counsel was appointed."

That tweet met a lot of criticisms and jeers as well as re-tweets. One user, Republican Tears, answered it by reminding Trump the long line of U.S. presidents who had experienced worse than him. Some even suggested that he will be out soon and replaced by Mike Pence.

Trump could have viewed Mueller's appointment on a negative note but Fox News' Eric Erickson thought the opposite and advised that the GOP should even rejoice over the appointment on many points.

First of all, whatever Mueller will find after the investigation will put an end to the case given the untarnished reputation he has on both sides of the fence. If he declares that Trump has no involvement with the Russians, it will be another "cry wolf" moment for the Democrats and they cannot assail his credibility. On one hand, if Mueller declares Trump has an involvement, they cannot accuse him of a frame-up.

Most importantly, Mueller's appointment shows that the Department of Justice is willing to conduct an investigation independent of the White House.

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