St. Joseph's University Students React To Anti-Trump Professor Ranting In Class


Dr. David Parry, chair of the communications department at St. Joseph's University, told his students not to "open their hearts" to those who voted for President Trump and that "people are going to die" as a result of Trump's election. Journalist Jesse Watters visited the school to catch up with students on the campus to get their reaction to Parry's statements and their answers are surprising.

Parry was recorded saying in class that he is "not sympathetic to the white voters who make more than $50,000 a year" and voted for Trump. He also urged women and colored students not to open their hearts to these kinds of people.

When asked what they think about what Parry said, one student said that the professor's views do not represent the school. She also emphasized that St. Joseph's is a community that is open to people and who will not close their hearts to anyone.

One student was more candid in his opinion saying that some professors are using their lessons and classes as a means to forward their political agenda instead of giving their students real education. Another student agreed to say that it's not even relevant to what they're supposed to be teaching.

One student pointed out that a lot of people use a lot of their emotions instead of seeking facts first before they open their mouths and express their opinions.

However, when the students were asked whether the school administration needs to do something about it, some of the students were careful saying they were not in the position to say something about it but suggest that it should be addressed because it does not reflect the values of St. Joseph. Others added so there should be a discussion what's inappropriate for the classroom, especially if it's false information.

Watters tried to get Parry's statement but the professor refused to answer. Watters then asked the professor why is he trying to indoctrinate his students adding that it is a classroom and not a cult. Watters added that the university has not responded yet when asked to comment on Parry's statements.

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