Top 5 Best And Worst Cities For New College Graduates [VIDEO]


Graduation is an exhilarating time for students yet carries a weight of uncertainty as the possibility of being unemployed after graduation looms as well. However, if graduates know where the best city is to look for a job, it is possible to find one. So here are the best cities where a new graduate can find a job and also the worst cities where the possibility of being employed dangles by the fingenail.

The data was provided by Monster, one of the leading employment websites, using the CEB TalentNeuron tool to analyze all the entry level jobs posted between January to March 2017.

Best Cities

New York

New York tops the list as the best cities for new graduates with around 31, 682 job postings. According to the New York State's Department of Labor website, the most in-demand job include nurses, health aid workers, and heavy machine


Chicago comes in second place as one of the Top 5 Best Cities for graduates with 15,503 job postings. According to Crain's, tech and IT jobs are big in Chicago as well as health care, finance, and sales jobs. The city also has a need for those who are technically skilled workers.

Los Angeles

The State of California indicates that the occupations with the most job openings in California are personal care aides, accountants, and food preparation workers. Los Angeles has a total of 11,933 job postings according to Monster.


There are a total of 11,498 job postings for entry level jobs in Boston according to Monster. Some of the hottest jobs in the city are in information technology, marketing, and retail.

San Francisco

To complete the Top 5 Best Cities for new graduates is San Francisco with a total of 11,244 job postings. Some of the fastest growing jobs in San Francisco include IT analysts, accountants, construction workers, and market research analysts.

Top Worst Cities

If there are the best cities for new graduates, there are also the worst cities because they have fewer job opportunities for someone who is looking for a job. The top 5 in the list are:

Laredo, Texas - 114 job postings available

Bayon Cane, Louisiana - 121 job postings

Bellingham, Washington - 122 job postings

Longview, Texas - 128 job postings

Merced, California - 134 job postings

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