Top 10 International Colleges In The World


The Times Higher Education has once again released its list of colleges and universities based on category. When it comes to the most international colleges and universities, here are the top 10 based on its diversity in terms of its student and staff population as well as the number of research, journal publications, and reputation.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology located in Zurich, Switzerland takes the top spot with an international reputation score of 94.3 percent. According to the Times Higher Education, the institute has 18,000 from 120 countries. One of its most prominent alumni was no other than Albert Einstein himself.

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has less than 10,000 but half of them come from different countries all over the world. Those who pursue a degree in engineering makes it one of their top choice as the institution offers 13 different engineering programs.

University of Hong Kong

With an international reputation score of 88.1 percent, the University of Hong Kong comes in third place. With a mission to become Asia's global university, almost one-thirds of its student population are from abroad.

National University of Singapore

The NUS is touted as Asia's top university with its students coming from around 125 countries in the world. Aside from that, it has colleges abroad in Munich, Israel, New York, Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Stockholm. It is also in collaboration with two Ivy League universities - Duke and Yale.

Imperial College London

The fifth to occupy the top most international colleges in the world is the Imperial College London with an international reputation score of 91.5 percent. It is popular not only for the programs it offer but also for being located in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. According to THE, Imperial College has 15,000 students coming from 125 countries all over the world.

University of Oxford

Although Oxford takes the number one spot in the world university rankings, it takes the sixth place among the most international colleges all over the world.

Australian National University

The Australian National University located in Canberra, Australia occupies the seventh spot in this place with an overall score of 93 percent. It is a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities which include Yale, Oxford, ETH Zurich, and Berkeley.

University of Cambridge

In eighth place is the University of Cambridge with an overall score of 92.8 and an international reputation score of 94.1 percent. Out of its 14,000, almost half of it comes from 120 countries from around the world.

University College London

The University College London grabs the ninth spot in the top international colleges of the world. Its students come from 150 different countries around the world. More so, the institution has quite a reputation for producing 29 Nobel Peace Prize awards including William Ramsay in 1904 for his discovery of the noble gases.

London School of Economics

To complete the list of the top international colleges in the world is the London School of Economics with students hailing from 140 countries. It is also in partnership with several universities around the world including the Peking University, National University of Singapore, Columbia University, and University of Cape Town.

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