Sony Might Release PlayStation 5 In 2018, Analyst Says; PS5 To Compete With Xbox Project Scorpio Next Year [VIDEO]

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Sony's PlayStation 4 is proving a great seller for the tech giant, but that doesn't mean Sony won't try to extend that market dominance. Wherein, Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong claims that the Japanese tech company might release its PlayStation 5 next year.

It's worth pointing out that Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Thong is credited with predicting PS4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, making the tech analyst a credible source. Nonetheless, a comprehensive look through the news archive of Google doesn't appear to show any prediction for the PS4 Pro that predates the initial PlayStation 4.5 exclusive, Euro Gamer reported.

But, it is also worth pointing out that the prediction of Thong is nothing new as the analyst made the same claims about a prospective PlayStation 5 release last September. Thong also predicted that an upgraded PlayStation 4 model and a slim version of the gaming system were going to be rolled out by tech giant, before their eventual announcements, Express reported.

Eventually, Sony's 2018 gaming system is viable, and the device would represent a considerable improvement over the PS4. Nevertheless, the comparisons against PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox Project Scorpio will be less impressive, particularly when 4K displays will be the likely target, getting most of the extra power such a device could provide.

In spite of that, owners of Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation 5 would delighted by the advantages of AMD's latest CPU architecture, and a graphics processing unit (GPU) that benefits from Radeon's improved technology. Meanwhile, the bandwidth of the PlayStation 5 would remain an issue. A huge video game could be provided through an UHD Blu-ray media, while a hybrid HDD/SSD would boost storage.

The tech giant did not officially announce what kind of processor will be included in the upcoming PlayStation 5. Also, the price of the upcoming console will ultimately be decided based on what elements the tech company is able to put into it.

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