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Microsoft Surface Phone Functions Like Portable Laptop Complete With Win32 Support, Might Launch On May 23 [VIDEO]


Following the huge downfall of Windows Phones in stocks, Microsoft made a long launch gap in its handset lineup. But, Microsoft fans will still have something to look forward to. Microsoft's highly anticipated Surface Phone is said to function like a laptop with complete support of Win32.

Although there is no word on the Microsoft Surface Phone development, tech enthusiasts will still have something to look forward to. Reports are mounting up on the internet claiming that the Microsoft Surface Phone will work like a portable laptop, which is one thing that tech fans have always wanted to see in a Windows Phone.

News about the Microsoft Surface Phone has been all around the internet. Recently, Microsoft's current CEO, Satya Nadella, made it known that the tech giant will be rolling out the Surface Phone soon. Nadella claimed that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone will be different from a typical handset that people uses every day, BGR reported.

As Microsoft's Surface brand has already changed the way a person look at these devices, the radical change in the design of the Microsoft Surface Phone would match with the rest of Microsoft's Surface devices. Microsoft is said to launch an ultimate handset that would totally shake up the smartphone universe.

Nonetheless, the Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to have a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen and a 4GB of RAM. The Microsoft Surface Phone will have a various storage options from 64GB to 128GB. The Microsoft Surface Phone will feature both a rear-view and a front-facing snapper with the former being 21MP and the latter being 8MP, Ledger Gazette reported.

Microsoft is said to host an event in Shanghai on May 23. Tech fans and experts are expecting that the tech giant might make an official announcement about the Microsoft Surface Phone at the event. The tech giant is definitely looking for a huge comeback in the smartphone industry by rolling out its Surface Phone.

Watch The Video Here:

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