Duke University Study Reveals Link Between Technology Use and Mental Health [VIDEO]


Technology can now be considered as a constant companion in everybody's life. Technology is practically used in anything and everything nowadays. However, a recent study suggests that too much use of technology increases the chances of having attention, behavior and self-regulation problems, especially for adolescents who are at risk of mental health issues.

Duke University study finds that the more at-risk adolescents use technology, the higher the likelihood to experience more problems and show more symptoms of ADHD, compared to the adolescents who use less technology, Science Daily reported. However, it was also found that there are also some positive outcomes from using too much technology.

According to Duke Today, during the times when adolescents spend more time using technology, there were positive effects observed such as reduced anxiety and depression.

In the study, the researchers tried to look into the link between mental health symptoms of these adolescents and the time that they have spent using the internet and the social media. The results have shown that on the day when the participants had an increase in the use of their devices, they were more likely to experience conduct problems like fighting, lying and other behavioral problems. In addition, they were also observed with shorter attention span and exhibited symptoms of ADHD or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

On a positive note, the researchers also discovered that the use of digital technology was helpful when it comes to reducing adolescents' symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Odgers, an associate director of the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, said that it only makes sense because kids today are commonly using the social media and the internet in order to connect with their friends and peers.

The researchers noted that more work is needed in order to further investigate the effects of technology to adolescents.

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