Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder $110 M Lawsuit: Company Loses Against Virginia Woman Suffering from Ovarian Cancer [VIDEO]


Missouri jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $110 million to a woman who have claimed to suffer from ovarian cancer after four decades of using the company's baby powder.

It was Lois Slemp, a Virginia resident who filed a lawsuit against J&J and Imerys Talc after she learned that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2012. Slemp is currently on chemotherapy as the cancer has spread to her liver organ.

The jury said that J&J is 99 percent responsible for the faulty and ordered the company to pay $5.4 million for compensatory damages and another $105 million for punitive damages. The verdict is a warning for American women that they should be more educated and aware of the products they use. These facts suggest that some companies have indeed ignore the link between talc powder use and ovarian cancer, National Law Journal reported.

The talc powder company, however, refuses to admit that its product is cancer-causing agent as J&J defense team stated that there was a lack of scientific evidence in the allegations. Additionally, J&J will continue to prove its credibility in the next trials.

It seems that the jury is not sided with the company in the second trial, the way they did with the first one. Earlier this year, J&J won trial against Tennessee resident who was diagnosed with cancer after using the company's Baby Powder. As for Imerys Talc America, the supplier that distributes the talcum powder, has to pay $100 million.

Currently, there are approximately 3,000 lawsuits against the health care company with similar issues - the failure to acknowledge that there is scientific evidence that associates talc powder usage with ovarian cancer. Moreover, these companies have also failed to warn the risks to the public.

Check out the report in the video below!

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