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May The 4th Be With You: Star Wars Day Celebrated by US Colleges [VIDEO]


It is the 4th of May and The Star Wars Day is here again. This date is a day for all the fans and lovers of Jedi, the Skywalkers, the Resistance, Boba Fett, the Hutts, Maz Kanata, Gamorrean guards, General Grievous and Snap Wexley. But if there is any place where this day could be better celebrated, it is at college!

This day, many colleges and universities across the US are celebrating in many different ways, USA Today College reported. In some schools, some students wore costumes of certain characters in the film. Clemson and the University of Miami went light and dark side with their mascots. Schools have their own unique Twitter and Instagram posts which share how they participate in the celebration, while using the hashtag #Maythefourthbewithyou

The University of Wyoming on the other hand is going to offer a Star Wars course this coming fall which will "will analyze the Star Wars phenomenon from the viewpoints of literature, history, politics and religion." The class will be handled by Dr. Ryan Croft, who has been teaching classes on the sci-fi series at the university.

This annual event which millions of people have grown to love was chosen to be celebrated every 4th of May because it was taken as a play on words of the Star Wars quote "May the Force be with you" according to The Sun. In the movie, this phrase is usually being used to wish someone good luck and fervently hoping that would have favor with The Force.

"May the Fourth be with you" is said to have started when the word was coined by a newspaper advertisement on May 4, 1979, by a conservative party. Now the hashtag #MayTheFourthBeWithYou is already trending on Twitter and other social media channels around the world.

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