Bright Side Shares Tuition Fees of Unversities Around The World [VIDEO]


Students from all over the world have always dreamed of studying abroad. It has been known that higher education from abroad has always been a widely recognized standard and can help make a really impressive resume during a job hunt.

Bright Side reported the current costs of studying for international students at the world's top universities to give international students a list of choices. The data showed that the most costly university was in the US, which included MIT and Harvard, while the least expensive universities were in Germany and France.

The average annual undergraduate tuition fee for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is $46,704. MIT is known for covering more than just science and technology, such as architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences, and management. Harvard University has been known for having more than 360,000 alumni around the world and they have an average annual tuition fee is $45,278.

In England, the University of Cambridge has an average of $29,927 and the University of Oxford has $27,753 average tuition fee per year. Canada's University of Toronto has an average of $31,000 per year, Australia's Australian National University has $27,000 and Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology at $23,000.

But there are also universities around the world that cost less in terms of their average annual undergraduate tuition fees. One of them is Russia's Lomonosov Moscow State University at $5,000 per year, China's Tsinghua University $4,695, and Czech Republic's Charles University at $3,200 per year.

Universities that have tuition fees less than $2,000 are Switzerland's Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at $1,320 per year, Denmark's University of Copenhagen at $1,620 and both Italy's University of Bologna and Spain's University of Barcelona at $1,000 per year. Remarkably, there are universities that cost less than $500 annually, such as Germany's Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich at $124 per year and France's Sorbonne at $280 per year. Students are not required to pay tuition fees to study at Sorbonne, but everyone is required to pay the registration fee. 

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