College Tours: Questions To Ask To Make The Most of Campus Visits [VIDEO]


It is officially the season for college tours, and high school students across the country are on their way to check out the colleges and universities they might be applying to before they finally make the big decision. And of course, in order to make the right choice, they should make sure these visits would be meaningful.

Planning a college visit is important because according to College Board, this is an opportunity for high school seniors to get a sense of the things that are actually important for them in college and give them a bigger picture of what college life is all about.

Aside from talking to students, as well as some school staff, here are some questions that students must be able to answer from their college tours, according to Forbes.

How much information can parents get from the school?

There is a federal law protecting a student's college information called Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, (aka FERPA), which means that parents have limited access to their kids' information even when they are the ones who are paying for school. It is important to know how much each college can give when it comes to pertinent information especially in cases of emergency.

How does the college manage alcohol in the campus?

80 percent of college students drink and that is according to the statistics, and students must know if the school they are attending implement policies to handle and control alcohol abuse of their students.

How does the school handle sexual misconduct?

There are now many cases of sexual misconduct in colleges and universities and soon-to-be college students, especially female students should have an idea how colleges are combatting sexual assault in the campus.

What are the costs of in and off campus housing?

Students should know if their college offers housing to all freshman so that if this option is not available, they can find nearby dorms within the location where they can live and estimate the costs as early as possible.

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