‘Fire Emblem Echoes’ Reveals Pricey Season Pass; ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Gets New Hero [VIDEO]


Nintendo has revealed recently the season pass of "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia" for Nintendo 3DS. Fans will have to prepare some extra cash for this content because it is quite pricey.

"Fire Emblem Echoes" Season Pass Covers Several DLC Packs

"Fire Emblem Echoes" season pass has a price of $44.99, which is a bit expensive compared to the base game, which is only $39.99. Nintendo explained that the season pass covers for five DLC packs and these packs have 22 content pieces, which might be worth the expensive price. The season pass includes the Fledgling Warriors, Undaunted Heroes, Lost Altars, Rise of the Deliverance, and one mystery pack, according to the official website of the video game.

"Fire Emblem Echoes" DLC Details

The Fledgling Warriors DLC pack will be launched on May 19 and has a price tag of $7.99. It has two new maps, and a dungeon called the Astral Temple. The Undaunted Heroes pack will be launched on May 25, has a price tag of $9.99, contains two new maps, and another dungeon, which will have more challenges for the more seasoned heroes, Polygon reported.

The Lost Altars DLC pack will be launched on May 25, and can be purchased alone for $14.99. It will contain several mystery dungeons that have the power to upgrade the characters to exclusive classes that are not available in the main game.

"Rise of the Deliverance" DLC pack will be released on June 1 and can be purchased for only $12.99. This will be the prolog pack that contains new story content with new voice acting. It will also contain new challenging maps with new support conversations between selected heroes, and gain the ability to control character players not available in the main game.

The fifth DLC pack has a price tag of $5.99, but it has no release date yet. It is still a mystery, but more details will be coming soon on the official website. All packs will be more expensive if they are bought separately, which is why it is advised that the season pass is the better choice.

"Fire Emblem Heroes" Gets Xander As New Hero

In other "Fire Emblem" related news, Xander joins the fray as a new summoning focus in "Fire Emblem Heroes." Players of the mobile game can now battle him on the Special Maps, which are Paragon Knight at level 30 for Hard Mode, and level 40 for lunatic mode, Siliconera reported.

Check out the "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia" DLC Briefing video below:

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