National College Decision Day: What You Will Miss If You Decide Not To Pursue College [VIDEO]


The 1st of May marks a new milestone in one's student life. Otherwise known as the National College Decision Day, teens in America choose the next step towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

According to The 74, the National College Decision Day signals the deadline for students to make their final picks on which schools they will go to in fall. For many, this process is like a roller coaster ride. In fact, a lot of incoming freshmen visit their prospect campuses for so many times before May 1. Other than that, they also study the financial aid offers and housing plans of that particular institution.

All of these are advisable as long as by Decision Day, they already have at least the top three finalists in their minds. Since the procedure could be tiring and very confusing, some actually back out. Considering their uncertainties and the cost of education, there are those who decide not to pursue college anymore.

Now, there are a lot of wonderful things someone would miss if he or she fails to rise above the situation. For one thing, diversity is a promising lesson people take for the rest of their lives. In a University, one would meet friends from different religions, nationalities, and even gender preferences. College life offers diversity as something beautiful.

Per an Elite Daily article, the feeling of taking the entrance exam up to actually deciding where to go provides a whirlwind of emotions. These emotions are often bittersweet. Nevertheless, the same experience might be the most important knowledge a person could acquire in a lifetime. It is too memorable for someone to just let go of.

While universities offer higher education, they also open young minds in a way that more will understand the world in a deeper sense. Commonly, people interact with someone from the same group, may it be religion, nationality, or culture. The situation is almost like a "fictitious bubble of safety and normalcy".

Rather than thinking schools confine students in classrooms, look at it as if they open a whole new world within one's existing world. Interestingly, while the education system requires a lot of academic works, the majority of administrators and teachers never let their students forget about what is happening outside the campus. Different beliefs gather in one place to share their expertise and learn something new from others. That is more valuable than any written exam anyone has taken.

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