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Apr 29, 2017 07:28 AM EDT

NASA Alarmed Not Having Enough Space Suits For International Space Station; NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Has Been So Close To Saturn [VIDEO]


In a new report coming from the editor of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the space suit supply of the space agency looks very bleak. The space agency appears to be running out of space suits for the International Space Station astronauts.

Astronauts working at NASA's International Space Station seems to be running out of space suits. What's worst is that the space agency is still years away from having new space suits ready for future space missions, even though NASA has already spent about $200 million on space suit development ever since 2007.

As of the moment, only a number of International Space Station's original space suit supply is fully functional. The space agency is alarmed that there's a possibility that they will not have enough space suits to last throughout ISS program's entire duration, which is currently slated up to 2024, The Verge reported.

Nevertheless, space suits allow astronauts to venture outside the station to work. The space suits will also certainly be needed to keep crew members alive when on the surface of Mars.

On the other hand, after the dangerous mission of NASA's Cassini spacecraft to a place on Saturn, the spacecraft is back in contact with NASA, and it has sent back images. NASA said in a statement that the Cassini spacecraft was out of contact with the space agency for nearly 24 hours as the spacecraft took a dive through the narrow space between Saturn and its rings. Nevertheless, the Cassini spacecraft came back online and the spacecraft is in the process of transmitting science and engineering data collected, NASA Gov reported.

The data collected by the Cassini spacecraft include photos of Saturn's atmosphere, which was taken from a closer range than scientists have done before. Cassini's project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Earl Maize, said in the NASA press release that no spacecraft has ever been this close to Saturn before.

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