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‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ Outsells Nintendo Switch; Fan-Made Game Inspired By 2D Prototype [VIDEO]


Nintendo was proud to announce that their latest Nintendo Switch console system has been sold worldwide at 2.74 million units so far. However, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" continues to outsell its console system with its worldwide sales more than it.

"The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" Continues To Sell Well Worldwide

With "Breath of the Wild's" continued overwhelming popularity amongst gamers, its current worldwide sales are now 2.76 million units through March 31. 390,000 units of its Switch version in Japan were sold by Nintendo, and 2.37 million copies all over the world, and the figures represent all versions. Adding the Wii U version, which has a total of 1.08 million units sold worldwide, it has a total sales worth across both platforms of 3.84 million copies, according to the official website of Nintendo.

"Breath Of The Wild" Outsells Nintendo Switch Sales

Nintendo also revealed the total worldwide sales of their latest console system, Nintendo Switch, which is currently sitting at 2.74 million units so far. However, "Breath of the Wild" overtakes the console system's sales, which meant more people own a copy of the game's Switch version than the console itself, Polygon reported.

This situation also happened in the US for the month of March. The game company sold more copies of the video game than the console system, which were 925,000 copies and over 906,000 units respectfully. Nintendo explained that consumers bought both the limited edition of the game for collection, and a second version to play.

Fan-Made Video Game Inspired by "Breath Of The Wild's" 2D Prototype

In other "Breath of the Wild" related news, a fan created his own project called "Breath of the NES," which is heavily inspired by the 2D prototype of the latest game title. He is currently looking for more people to help it become a reality. He even has a plan in case Nintendo intervenes with his project, VG247 reported.

Check out the "Breath Of The NES" V2 Trailer video below:

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