Angry Guardians Make Perfect Weapons In ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ [VIDEO]


Several "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" fans continue to surprise the community with their impossible feats, and one fan has done it on another level recently. He has made one Guardian fight against a giant monster in a difficult area in the game.

"Breath Of The Wild" Guardian Vs. Molduga Premise

A "Breath of the Wild" fan tweeted recently that he spent an hour pushing a wounded Guardian into the desert. He did it to let it fight against another giant enemy called the Molduga for fun.

The Guardian is one of the most difficult opponents to fight in "Breath of the Wild" and somehow the fan has pushed it all the way to Gerudo Desert so that it can fight the Molduga. These are giant sandworms, which are like mini-bosses in the game, and they are similar to the toughest monsters to fight like the Lynel beasts, Polygon reported.

"Breath Of The Wild" Guardian Vs. Molduga Fight And Conclusion

In the epic giant monster fight, the Guardian puts up an impressive fight against the Molduga despite being wounded from a previous battle with Link. The giant construct loses due to the giant sandworm's constant rampages. However, the Guardian used its laser to take out a lot of hit points first before it goes down, Nintendo Insider reported.

"Breath Of The Wild" Fan Reveals Method

The "Breath of the Wild" fan who pushed the Guardian to the Gerudo Desert revealed his method on how he did it in case someone else wanted to try out his trick. He warned that he had a lot of time avoiding the laser that the Guardian fires at Link.

The fan used a metal door and went to the South of Wasteland Tower. He then de-leg a Guardian and pushed it with the door with continuous dodges from the laser. He said that other players can block the laser with the door, or just tip the Guardian on its side and push it from there.

"Breath Of The Wild" Hidden Ending Revealed

In other "Breath of the Wild" related news, the hidden ending cutscene, which can be viewed down below, was recently revealed. In order to unlock this additional ending scene, players only need to unlock every hidden memory, and then head back to Impa. The character will give them one more memory to unlock, and then they only need to defeat the final boss and watch the credits roll afterwards, Gamespot reported.

Check out "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" True Ending video below:

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