iPad Pro Mini Reportedly Enters Mass Production; Tablet with A10X Chip Gears Up for June Release [VIDEO]


Apple reportedly prepares the iPad Pro Mini as a part of the iPad Pro 2 lineup this year. It is a surprise that recent report indicates that the release date is near.

The iPad Pro Mini will reportedly house similar features like its bigger siblings in iPad Pro 2 lineups. The A10X chip is said to power the mini tablet and boost the performance. The camera front will pack 12MP rear snapper with TrueTone that will add more vibrant colors on the display, Insquistr reported.

With Apple's latest processing chip on board, it is safe to assume that the iPad Pro Mini will not be an affordable flagship like the current iPad 2017. In fact, the mini premium device could be so powerful that it will cost much more expensive than the iPad Mini 4.

There are a few speculations that the iPad Pro 2 will mash up MacBook Air and iPad Air features and if the mini variant comes to fruition, the mini tablet could end up being the smallest iPad Pro 2 lineup that houses some of the most powerful tablet specs.

The rumored 9.7-inch tablet could ditch the headphone jack just like what Apple did with the iPhone 7. Fans might not like the idea but it is not Apple's usual fashion to please the crowd. Thus, when the iPad Pro 2 iterations come out this year, it is highly likely for Apple to make a few changes in the tablet lineups and making them align with the current iPhone.

With the Pro features, iPad Mini Pro is expected to support Apple Pencil. However, this is could be a speculation since no leak has been able to corroborate the evidence. A few online publications have learned that iPad Pro Mini has entered mass production earlier this year. It is expected to debut sometime in June 2017, MacWorld reported.

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