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What Has Artificial Intelligence Accomplished So Far?


Artificial intelligence has a lot of proponents and enemies over the years. Some celebrate every progress that has been made while there are also those who issue warning about a robot takeover. Setting these things aside, what really has artificial intelligence accomplished so far? Here is an overview of where AI is at the moment.

AI has saved lives

One of the most popular stories of AI saving a human life was how Tesla's autopilot system brought a man suffering from a heart attack to the hospital. Aside from this story, however, autonomous cars have saved millions of lives both directly and indirectly. According to the US National Safety Council, there are 1.3 reported deaths every 100 million miles of driving. On the other hand, autonomous systems only have 1 reported death for 130 million miles of driving.

AI predicted the US elections

An AI system called MogIA has predicted four US elections accurately including the last one. Created by Sanjiv Rai in 2004, the system is continuously evolving to analyze more complex social engagement data.

During the elections, the AI system gathered and compiled all the social engagement data across the web and analyzed all voter sentiments. Through those data, it was able to predict the election outcome.

AI won the hardest board game

Go, an ancient board game is considered the most complex game in the world because of the multiple positions or courses and more potential moves than there are in chess. That is why it takes years for humans to master the game. However, Goggle's AI beat the world's top Go player in 2016.

The Future of AI

Aside from the big tech companies racing to create the next big thing in AI, a lot of startups are also joining the race to create more sophisticated AI devices. There are now AI programs nowadays that can even write the news. With big data, machine learning, and quantum computing, there are surely a lot of surprises ahead.

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