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International Students College Applications Decline, Affecting Schools and US Economy [Video]


A number of surveys in the past couple of weeks have revealed how much the college applications and enrollment from international students have declined. This event poses a threat to the budgeting of schools and to the economy of the United States as a whole.

The American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers recently conducted a survey among 250 colleges and universities and it showed that 39 percent of these institutions reported a decline in the applications from international students, USA Today College reported.

While many Americans do not realize the consequences of this event, it can actually take a hit especially on the country's economic growth. In fact, international student bring in $32 billion to the US economy every year.

Aside from this it also impacts the colleges and universities when it comes to budgeting. One example is Indiana State University which reported that 20 percent of their revenue comes from the foreign students, GoodCall reported.

The survey said that this decline is clearly because of the political rhetoric during the 2016 presidential election, as well as the recent executive orders of the new administration. Michael Reilly, the association's executive director also added that they are foreseeing fewer applicants from foreign countries in the next years to come because of the perception that the county is becoming less welcoming to international students.

Reilly said that because of this, colleges and universities are having a difficult time trying to reassure their students that their education or travels will not be impacted by future policy changes in this time of uncertainty.

Some students from different schools have expressed their concern and are having second thoughts on whether the US is the right place for them to study or not. Most of them said that they do not want to constantly live in fear that they could be sent home anytime and won't be allowed to come back.

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