Take These College Courses Now & Avoid Being Replaced By Robots [Video]


Technology is believed to impact roughly 60 percent of all occupations soon. For professionals, over 30 percent of their work will be automated over the next several years. Luckily, Mark Cuban said that there are jobs that will not be taken over by robots. Thus, students must take these particular college courses now for job security in the future.

For one, Mark Cuban revealed that if he was starting college today, he would pick philosophy over accounting. He strongly believes that robots will automate many jobs especially those with technical tasks. Basically, jobs that are focused on personal judgment, critical thinking, and creativity are at lesser risks.

According to CNBC, college courses related to liberal arts are more likely to survive the anticipated AI invasion. Cuban made the claims during the SXSW conference held last month. Apparently, the current popular courses like programming and accounting would be obsolete sooner than later. Therefore, the less exciting courses now such as philosophy, sociology, or English would be deemed more valuable in the future.

Google Executive Jonathan Rosenberg agrees to Cuban's statements saying that the world "needs more traditional liberal arts graduates". These produce strong cognitive abilities and analytical thinking that are both difficult to be replaced by robots. Rosenberg added that he would urge people to follow their passions, even if they do not present immediate job prospects.

On a different note, the same guy has recently coined a brilliant term to describe US President Donald Trump. Per CNN, Cuban called his co- billionaire's election as "political chemotherapy. For one thing, it was clear even if Trump swept to an Electoral College victory on November 8, there were lots of doubts about him even among those who supported his campaign.

For the record, less than four in ten voters favored Trump. One in three people said Trump was "honest and trustworthy". Lastly, just almost four out of six believe he is qualified to be president. People knew that he was not ready for the job but they took the risk anyway.

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