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Apr 19, 2017 08:53 PM EDT

Vehicles Previously Exclusive Now Being Offered To All Players In ‘GTA 5 Online’ [VIDEO]

All "GTA 5 Online" players will now get the chance to acquire the previously exclusive vehicles including the Duke O'Death. Returning players will also be reimbursed for their purchases in the past.

Exclusive "GTA 5 Online" Vehicles And Items Being Offered To All

"GTA 5 Online" fans are now celebrating due to the good news that Rockstar Games has recently revealed. Starting today, the mayhem machine Duke O' Death, and several other items, which were previously exclusive to the returning players, are now being offered to everyone in the game. The other items are Marshall Monster Truck, Dodo Seaplane, Kraken Submarine, Imponte Dukes Car, Declasse Stallion Car, Blista Compact Car, and a Hatchet, according to the official website of the Rockstar Games.

"GTA 5 Online" Returnees Get Fair Deal

Since these previously exclusive items from "GTA 5 Online" are now being offered to everyone, the player returnees who played the game from a last-gen version and bought any of these items will receive refunds. The cash that was spent on these items will be returned to their in-game Maze Bank account within the next week, Gamespot reported.

"GTA 5 Online" Event Revealed

The game developers also revealed that today will be the launch of the next in-game bonus discount event for "GTA 5 Online." Players who will try the Contact missions will get double RP and GTA$ rewards if they are successful. They will get the chance to purchase the Executive Office or armored vehicles at lower prices.

"GTA 5 Online" Premium Race Introduced

Rockstar Games revealed that there will be a Premium race in "GTA 5 Online," which will be available through April 24. At the Surf and Turf mode, players will only be able to use the Blazer Aqua. For those who win, they will receive a large amount of GTA$ rewards and everyone else will get triple RP.

"GTA 5" Used To Train Driverless Cars

In other "GTA 5" related news, the popular video game is now being used to teach driverless cars with its data. The researchers clarified that whatever data they are getting from the game is just there to support their work and not its primary basis. The game is one of the simulation platforms used by the researchers to train the AI they are developing before testing it on real roads, Polygon reported.

Check out the "GTA 5 Online" Special Vehicle Circuit Trailer video below:

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