Ohio State University Study Reveals How Epiphany Learning Takes Place [Video]


Every single person in this world has experienced their own "aha!" moment. It is the feeling when the endorphin rushes when people suddenly figures out a solution to a problem or something that has been confusing for a while. There isn't much that science has given when it comes to epiphanies but a team of researchers have dug in deeper to gain more insight.

The researchers from the Ohio State University have attempted to better understand what happens when a person experiences the "aha" moment or the so-called epiphany learning. They have used eye-tracking and pupil dilation technology to observe what is really happening when people get to experience this moment when they suddenly figure out a strategy on winning the game, Science Daily reported.

The scientists made their 59 participants play a game. It was the kind of game that's a bit complex and complicated so that there is something for them to figure out. Basically, they needed to select a number they have to stick with for the rest of the game, while an eye-tracking device obtains the information while they were working out on a problem, Gizmodo reported. As for the correct option, the best number was actually zero and the researchers have observed that people who experience an epiphany were the ones who paid more attention to their options than their opponents.

This was observed when the pupil dilates which is an evidence of paying attention and learning. Those who won the game were the ones who were observed to have spent more time looking at their own choice.

If there is any lesson that the researchers have learned from the study and that they would like to share, it is about being able to focus and think about the problem, instead of simply following others.

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