Man VS Machine: Google ‘AlphaGo’ Headlines New Match Against World’s No. 1 [REPORT]

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Human mind versus it's created mind, the artificial intelligence.

Google "AlphaGo" has set a ground-breaking record after winning against a ranked human Go player. That was the first time it happened and Google's AI is heading to China to set yet another record in an attempt to defeat the world's no. 1 go player, Ke Jie.

Ke Jie and Google "AlphaGo" will be joined by other top Go players in the region. The participants will convene at the end of May 23 to 27, in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. This Man Versus Machine Event will be called "Future of Go Summit," CCTVEnglish reported.

Google-owned Deepmind, China Go Association and the Chinese government have organized the event which aims to feature an innovative mix of competitive formats for Go. The convention will hold talks and panel discussions regarding Alpha Go and artificial intelligence as a whole, Gizmodo added.

In addition, the main Go completion is reportedly slated to last for about five days. The winner of the human-AI Go match will be determined through three rounds each match.

Google "AlphaGo" made history when it defeated Go grandmaster Lee Sedol of South Koren last March 2016. The AI has taken the lead with a 4-1 score with its fourth victory during the final match of the best-of-five series.

The Korean's defeat did not make him stumble or sink in despair. Instead, Sedol earned ample time to reflect on his gameplay and relive the 3,000-year-old board game tradition. Go players have also gathered together to analyze what went wrong during the tournament and to understand how the machine win in a way not even experts can understand.

According to Zhou Ruiyang blog, a renowned Go master, "AlphaGo" has made a huge impact among all players. The gameplay displayed by "AlphaGo" has given them wings and showcased freedom of moves. Thus, every Go players are now keen in discovering styles that have not been tried before.

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