Generation Z Will Make Excellent Employees, US Companies Say [Video]


Generation Z is now attracting the attention of US employers as they manifest positive work values and attitudes. Generation Z is composed of individuals born on 1995 to 2010. This year's graduates will be part of the generation favored by American companies.

Surveys conducted on Generation Z reveal that they possess traits and work attitudes that will positively affect the work place. The fact that they had experienced the Great Depression made them realize that life is not that easy.

It was found out that this generation would rather start from the bottom and go up the ranks through hard work. Instead of having summer jobs in restaurants, ice cream parlors or resorts, they would rather work in big companies where they can apply their digital skills. Because of this impression, employers are hiring them for internship as early as their junior year in high school to college. Most of them are offered good jobs right after finishing high school or college, the Oregonian reported.

These traits and work attitudes will do well in the current work environment, which is considered highly competitive. They manifested loyalty to employers and will prefer to stay in one company; unlike the millennial or members of Generation Y who were known for hopping from one job to another.

Currently, members of Generation Y are already occupying managerial positions as fresh graduates from Generation Z enter the work force. These young people can easily do multi-tasking. They have fresh and smart ideas and these are reasons why employers are going after them. This trend will most likely change the demographics age of the workforce in the US. Companies are competing with each other in hiring people from Generation Z, the HR Digest reported.

To make sure that they can hire people from Generation Z, some companies are now offering them internship with a sure job after graduation. Those who would go for STEM courses, specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be given high priority.

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