Interactive Content: Best Way To Grab Class Attention From Tech Savvy Students [Video]


One way of keeping tech-savvy students attentive is to use interactive content. Digital books are the best examples. When reading a story, a student can opt to watch a video of the story. Even students who are blind can enjoy a story by playing an audio version.

Nowadays, traditional classroom activities can make students lose their interest in their lessons. Instead of doing silent reading as instructed by the teacher, most of them play game on their phone or listen to music.

Teachers must realize that today's students, especially tech-savvy ones prefer interactive content in their daily lessons. They prefer books that offer them varied activities while trying to learn, according to EdSurge News.

In terms of books, students would prefer one that can give a short quiz and allow students to check their work. They would want to have a learning material that makes learning fun. Instead of just giving solutions to math problems, teachers can use games that would require the math knowledge required.

With digital learning gaining mileage, it would not be a problem for teachers to find interactive content to use in teaching. Using electronic books would make reading a story a wonderful experience.

Interactive content is abundant in digital materials. Teachers can choose from different materials. Interactive content allows students to use all senses in learning.

Libraries nowadays have become a haven for students who prefer active learning at all times. Most modern libraries have digital materials. Library users do not just read at all times. They can read and listen, perform a task and get feedback or receive a mark for an essay written on digital notes, according to Gulf Times

Whether they want it or not, teachers have to turn to interactive content such as digital instructional materials to keep tech-savvy students on learning.

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