Did SpaceX Just Outperform NASA With Elon Musk Moonshot Dream?


SpaceX most probably having its heyday after successfully launching its first rocket from NASA's space pad at 9:38 am Sunday in Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It then reached the International Space Station to payload astronauts. SpaceX now extends Elon Musk's dream of bringing private citizens to the moon.

According to Florida Today, SpaceX attempt to fly two private citizens to the moon would be the only follow-up mission to NASA's Apollo 11 Moon landing 50 years ago. Pitching on to follow up one of NASA's greatest explorations raises eyebrows for SpaceX's real motive and capacity.

The reports added that NASA has been invited to join SpaceX in accomplishing such mission. With its more powerful and experienced astronauts, NASA has not yet given its official response. This led some to speculate that NASA is weighing its options since SpaceX might only be taking advantage of its rich resource.

An indirect address to such speculation, NexGen Space President Charles Miller expressed his approval to the offer. Miller said NASA should say an unequivocally yes and either NASA gets out and gets involved with this, or the message that will be received by the American people is that NASA is irrelevant.

Miller is a known commercial space advocate who served the Trump administration's NASA transition team. He ended up his side saying SpaceX is going to the moon with or without NASA, so NASA needs to say 'yes' to this offer.

Meanwhile, SpaceX Moon mission already has the blueprint for its upcoming launch. It will kick off with a rocket testing this Summer, Space reported. The test launch will be conducted since the rocket has not flown outside of Earth yet.

SpaceX Moon mission has selected the new Falcon Heavy which is a variation of Falcon 9 rocket. It will launch the crewed Dragon 2 spacecraft to the moon. Meanwhile, Dragon 2 will headline its first test flights in November this year.


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