SpaceX Announces First Commercial Space Flight; All-Set To Fly 2 Non-Astronauts To The Moon


Space Exploration Technologies Corporation better known as SpaceX will be flying two non-astronauts to the moon sometime in 2018. This marks Elon Musk's attempt to pioneer the commercially-accessible space flights that will bring ordinary persons into the outer space.

According to ABC News, SpaceX commercial flight will commence six months prior to exploration schedule after its planned moon mission made a successful landing to the International Space Station. The said mission will be identified as Moonshot Mission.

This SpaceX mission will have the same Dragon V2 crew capsule and a Falcon rocket which has been launched from NASA's old moon pad in Florida. Meanwhile, the trip will last for about a week which is expected to commence by the fourth quarter of the following year, Space noted.

SpaceX 2018 Moonshot journey will coincide the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission, the first manned moon mission back in 1968. However, SpaceX plans to fly two ordinary people to the moon could mean danger.

NASA's Former Manager Wayne Hale noted the amid SpaceX's advance technology, the moon exploration remains a difficult and extraordinary dangerous task to undertake. Hale once took charge of space shuttle program and retired in 2010. He now serves as director of the human spaceflight at Special Aerospace Services in Colorado.

Furthermore, SpaceX mission remains possible for Elon Musk and his team, said Hale. However, the space expert is doubtful regarding SpaceX moon schedule quoting that it is somehow "aggressive as to not be believable."

SpaceX move to fly non-astronauts to the moon trip came after two anonymous people approached the SpaceX Company for possible iteration. Elon Musk has refused to identify them but mentioned that they were "very serious" and have already deposited "significant" amount of payment for the SpaceX flight.

As usual, it is a business for the SpaceX owner and tweeted, "Fly me to the moon ... Ok," to confirm.


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