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Black-ish Star Yara Shadidi Made Michelle Obama by Getting into Every Single College She Applied To [Video]


Now that the Black-ish Star Yara Shadidi is about to enter another phase of her life, which is the college life, the decision-making could have been tough as there was a lot she had to choose from. Shadidi revealed that she actually got accepted to all the colleges she applied to.

The 17-year old star has shared that she went through the college application different than most of the young people her age, ABC News reported. For one, she got a recommendation letter from the first lady Michelle Obama, and then she told Seventeen in an interview that she got acceptance to all of the colleges she applied to.

She told the magazine that she received all of her college acceptances and got accepted to all of them. She shared how excited she is the moment she found out all about it last week. She added that she does not have any final plans just yet but she will be selecting her top college choice next month.

Shadidi was accepted into two Ivy Leagues, four state schools and one historically black college, but Obama is definitely not the only reason for the acceptance, considering that the young girl is also intelligent, driven and well-rounded. She also managed to get a 4.6 GPA in school while she was starring her hit ABC show.

Whatever college Shadidi chooses, she decides not to take it easy because of her plans to take a double major. She explained that she wants to feel challenged and wants to study as much as possible, and that is why she thinks that taking a double major could be the solution. She has not yet decided what major to take but said that she might go for something in the arts.

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