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‘Dragon Ball Z’ Latest Update: ‘Hyper Dragon Ball Z’ Available For Download With New Stages, Characters, Moves, Champ Build [VIDEO]


The "Hyper Dragon Ball Z," one of the most interesting Dragon Ball games, has become an important news story since it was released. In an attempt to keep pace with its popularity, the game developers have added characters, moves and new stages. The Champ's Build of the "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" is also available for download.

The Champ's Build of the fan-made fighting video game is now available for download and the feature allows players to enjoy additional stages of the game. The "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" 2D fighting game is now available to download for free for Mac and PC. The video game is developed by a group of fans with some knowledge of game design, called the Team Z2, Game Rant reported.

The Team Z2 is consist of Iced, Balthazar, Just No Point, Daeron, Barker, AlexSin, XGargoyle, Nico_18, HQ, Thedge and Jango. The Team Z2 also received help in developing the "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" from Cybaster and a special guest dubbed as the WizzyWhipItWondeful.

These game developers consider their video game as a from-fans-to-fans fighting game, and their "Dragon Ball Z" game is inspired by the competitive fighting game, "Street Fighter 2." Nevertheless, the default keyboard buttons for punches are A, S, D, while the default keyboard buttons for kicks are Z, X, C. The arrow keys are for movement and the Enter button is for Start, One Angry Gamer reported.

Nonetheless, players can easily customize the "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" video game by ditching and adding up playable characters. The video game also comes along with characters that are not available in the official DBZ game roster.

Furthermore, as the "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" comes with a respectable roster size, the development team aims to add Super Buu, Krillin, Tienshinhan and Android 18 in the future. Also, more stages, bug fixing, balancing tweaks and updates will be coming.

Watch The Video Here:

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