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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 86 to 89 Plots, Titles Hints Goku's Tournament of Power Preparation; Goku Needs Time To Assemble Powerful Team [VIDEO]


Details about the upcoming episodes of the hit anime series "Dragon Ball Super" have made their way online, teasing the continuation of Android No. 17 and Goku's showdown. The plots, titles of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86-89 hints about Goku's preparation for Tournament of Power.

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine recently pitched in the titles and spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 86 to 89, and it hints about the preparation of Goku for the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, episode 87 will be dubbed as the Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No.17 Joint Battle! Wherein, Goku and Android No. 17 will continue their supposed clash that will start in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 on April 16. Nonetheless, Android No. 17 and Goku's showdown will be interrupted by a giant spaceship that shows up, Mobi Picker reported.

The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 88 will witness Gohan training again under Piccolo's tutelage. As Gohan does his part in saving their home, the main protagonist of the "Dragon Ball Super" does the same. In episode 89, Goku seeks the help of his former master to join the tournament. The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 is titled A Mysterious Beauty Appears! Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?, Comic Book reported.

Nevertheless, it appears things will not go right for the "Dragon Ball Super" main protagonist in the upcoming episodes of the anime series. Some reports are claiming that it will take Goku a longer time to set up a credible team from Universe 7. As the members of Goku's team must be powerful and wise in the battle to protect their universe from Omni-King's destruction.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 plot teases on a mysterious appearance. That being said, the "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 87 to 89 will fire up on April 23, 30, and May 7 respectively.

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