How To Apply Part-Time Jobs At McDonald's Using Snapchat [Video]


McDonald's is getting some cool and hip makeover by accepting applications using Snapchat. The company hopes to attract the younger crowd as well as someone who will be a good fit for the company.

McDonald's want to attract the younger generation. Snapchat has more than 160 million active users around the world, a lot of whom are young so McDonald's move makes sense.

The application process using Snapchat is easy and quick. What the applicants need to to is create a 10-second video using the McDonald's filter on Snapchat and submit it to the food chain. The filter lets applicants place nametags and McDonald's uniform on their photos allowing the company to see what they look like in the McDonald's uniform. Once their application gets reviewed, McDonald's sends them a link to the company's career page to fill out the application form.

This application process, however, is only available in Australia and McDonald's has not released any further information whether they will have a similar process in other parts of the world. Shaun Ruming, the chief operating officer of McDonald's Australia, did not disclose any more information aside from the fact that the food chain is looking for 'new and innovative' ways to attract younger employees so they decided to use Snapchat. He also added that what they're doing is a first in the world.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is looking to generate a profit since it went public last month. Thus, it is attracting big name brands to advertise with them and part of that attraction is the relatively young members who use the app.

With the McDonald's partnership, both parties haven't disclosed how much the partnership cost.

Meanwhile, those who are interested in landing a job at McDonald's Australia, those 10-seconds are very important so they need to make it count. As for the rest of the world, they might still have to wait until McDonald's give a further announcement.

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