Former Football Player Who Becomes A Neurosurgeon At Harvard


Myron Rolle is a hulking young man with the frame of a football player. He is indeed one but there is more to him than just the game - he will become one of the neurosurgeons at Harvard Medical School.

Myron Rolle used to play for the Florida State as a defensive back for three years. After he graduated in 2008, he had to pass a career in the NFL in favor of Oxford where he took a master's degree program on medical anthropology.

In 2010, he got drafted to the Tennessee Titans but he did not play a regular season at the NFL. After three years, he went back to Florida and enrolled in medicine at the Florida State University.

Four years after, he finally made it and will start his residency as a neurosurgeon at both Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Rolle said that spending seven years in neurosurgery is not a joke. He also added that it means a lot to him and the one thing that he wanted to do all his life. Moreover, he wants to save people's lives and make people's lives better.

Rolle's announcement did not come as a surprise to those who know him since he's been talking about how medicine is his passion and that his goal is always to become a doctor.

His dedication to his goal really showed during the time he had an interview for a scholarship in Rhode Island. Instead of giving up the dream of becoming a doctor, Rolle took a chartered flight to College Park, Maryland to do that and hurriedly go back to Florida to play in a game that pitted the Seminoles against Maryland.

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