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Physics Girl: The Woman Who Makes A Living Explaining Science On YouTube


One of the dream jobs on this day and age is become a YouTube sensation and earn money from it. One of these lucky people is Dianna Cowern or better known as Physics Girl, the woman who makes a living through YouTube videos by explaining science.

Science can be fun but can also be boring because of complex scientific principles. Thankfully, there are people like Physics Girl who can explain them in short and quirky manner that makes viewers want to go back to school and learn them again.

Dianna Cowern graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in physics. After graduation, she began her own YouTube channel explaining principles in physics using engaging content and, of course, her bubbly personality.

When asked what or who inspired her, she said that Neil deGrasse Tyson made an impression on her that she decided that is what she wanted to do. Despite her parents feeling disappointed in her chosen career, she persevered.

In 2014, she won the Flame Challenge by answering a very common question and providing an answer that will satisfy the kids as well as easy for them to understand. After winning the contest, PBS became the sponsor of her YouTube videos. She also gained a total of 598,000 subscribers.

When asked where she got her ideas, she said her friends suggest titles and ideas. Aside from that, she also read comments to find an inspiration. At other times, she had to use riddles given by subscribers as inspirations.

When asked if the money she gets from her channel is enough to make a living, she sais it is enough but she also has speaking engagements and appearances which augment her income. If there is any downside to the movie, she said it's the trolls and the verbal attacks she gets but they are not enough to stop her.

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