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Learning Organizations Urged To Focus On Improving Employee's Professional Development


Learning organizations are expected to continue moving forward in terms of educating employees for both the jobs of today and tomorrow. Talent will continue to be a valuable asset to companies and it is imperative that this resource will not be wasted, especially for Generation Z.

Carnegie Mellon student and founder of edtech startup 101 Justin Weinberg said that they created the company to promote active learning. He added that classrooms and lectures have not fundamentally changed in centuries, which involves sitting and listening to an hour-long or so lecture by a professor.

They created the app named Chem101, which is an app that is designed especially for the STEM field. Professors can use the app to get the participation and engagement of their students during lectures. Their company won Inc.'s Coolest College Startup competition.

Workplace Trends reported that some of the biggest trends include the importance of preparation in terms of performance, the appeal of macro education, the skills ecosystem to support a diverse employee base as well as the blurred boundaries of micro credentials. To improve companies, it is important to understand what it takes for the Generation Z workforce to deliver in the new digital age.

It was noted that preparation helps employees achieve higher levels of performance. Colleges and universities play a major role in preparing the workforce.

Employees also need multifaceted and cross-functional skills. To identify the importance of the skills and their order of priority and relevance, a multivariate linear regression was conducted on individual's skills impacting "Effectiveness in Preparation."

Gen Z workers were also asked about their present industry and their willingness to move across 23 different industries. Blurring boundaries across industries is found to be more disruptive. The study done was a basic correlation and association analysis to take in the current industry of the employee and compare it against their agreeability to move across various industries.

Furthermore, your organization can enhance its commitment to talent development by incorporating EOT for your MBO, ensuring employees have a stake in the company's success, and fostering a culture of ownership. 

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