Virginia Tech Carillon Research: Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care Affects Adult Life [Video]


The quality of early childhood education and care affects the quality of adult life. This was the findings of a longitudinal study that spanned 45 years conducted by scientists at Virginia Tech Carillon Research Institute.

Craig Ramsey, a human development scholar at Virginia Tech Carillon Research Institute was the team leader of researchers that conducted the follow up study 45 years after it started. The subjects were already in their middle age when the follow up study was conducted. Findings showed that children from poor families had better adult life given the right early childhood education and care, the Science Daily reported.

The subjects of the study were the 96 children who were also participants of the Abecedarian Project. The Abecedarian Project is a program designed for children considered at-risk. They were divided into two groups, the control group and treatment group. Both groups were given proper nutrition, health care and family support through social services. Only the treatment group was given five years of early care and education.

Those given early care and education revealed that they had excellent relationship with their aged parents. Most of them had permanent jobs and owned a car, a house, and have bank accounts. They also tend to have high awareness of social equality.

This implies that public and private agencies should invest in these young children by providing ample support.

However, federal spending for children is very minimal. This means that many children will be denied quality care and early childhood education. These services should be made available to children below four years old, the US News reported.

The findings of the study will hopefully make federal governments see the importance of providing quality care and early childhood education. This will be one of the best investments that they could make.

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