Happiness and Vitamin C: Rice University Study Reveasl The Antidote to Cold Symptoms [Video]


Two studies identifies happiness and Vitamin C as the antidote for cold symptom. These two studies were conducted at Rice University in USA and at University of Helsinki in Finland.

Rice university researchers discovered that people who had a circle of friends and acquaintances indicated mild cold symptoms. Those who thought that no one cares for them reported worse cold symptoms, CTV News reported.

These were the findings of the study conducted on 159 volunteers. The researchers gathered data regarding level of loneliness and the size and diversity of the respondents, social network. They were then given nasal drops that can induce cold symptoms. During the period, they were not allowed to have contact with anyone. Instead, they were isolated in their hotel rooms.

Results showed that participants who felt lonely had worse cold symptoms while the size and diversity of social network seemed not to affect the respondents' sickness. Results imply that it is not the number of friends that reduced the cold symptoms but the feeling of happiness to know that there are people who care.

Aside from happiness, Vitamin C was identified as another weapon against cold symptoms. This was the findings of a study conducted at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Two trials were conducted wherein varied doses of Vitamin C were given to the subjects. Results of the trials revealed the same effect on persons with cold. Increasing the doses shortened the number of days that respondents were sick with cold.

However, the findings were not conclusive. Taking Vitamin C daily have very little effect on the duration of being sick with cold, Web MD reported. This does not mean that Vitamin C does not keep people from common diseases such as cold. The fact that Vitamin C keeps people healthy shows that it has a role to play in preventing illnesses such as common cold.

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