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Samsung Galaxy S8 Has The Best Smartphone Display But OS Discourages Use Of Highest Resolution [VIDEO]


The Samsung Galaxy S8 display is breathtaking, now touted as the best screen in a smartphone with an A+ grade from DisplayMate. However, its software does not seem to want the device to optimize the screen by setting the resolution at only 1080p in order to avoid taxing the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is first-generation of OLED smartphone that comes with a full-screen display design. It is also the most innovative and high-performing display using state-of-the-art technologies. It is the best in the market to date according to the published findings of DisPplayMate Technologies, which regularly inspect and rate screens of new smartphones.

Samsung definitely deserves a grade of A+ having been a top contender for years with its stunning display that is once again featured on the Galaxy S8 with major improvements, CNBC reported. The iPhone 8 will also benefit from Samsung's innovations having ordered 70 million OLED screens to be used in its mass production. Interestingly enough, the Samsung OS does not seem to want users to fully optimize the display having set the screen resolution at only 1080p.

The norm for the last two years has been the use of quad HD screens, which already ship with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6. The only logical explanation is that Samsung does not want the screen to be at high-resolution settings because it easily drains the battery life, Forbes reported.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is relatively small, only 3000mAh for the S8 and 3500mAh for the S8+, Forbes reported. This small battery design is most likely to discourage users from pushing the device too much. The same is true with the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen brightness were sliding past 90 percent triggers a pop-up menu warning to stop in order to "save battery." Just before the warning, the slider also turns from blue to red as if calling an alarm.

It is clear that the South Koreans are taking all precautions almost bordering on paranoia to avoid another exploding battery fiasco of the Note 7. Other than power issues, the Samsung Galaxy S8's AI assistant Bixby is also very smart and sensitive. It knows that the fingerprint reader is ill placed juxtaposed right beside the camera lens, which gets pressed often enough. Once the camera launches, Bixby issues a reminder for users to clean the camera lens to get rid of the fingerprint smudges.

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