Help Treat Depression By Playing Video Games, University Study Suggests


More and more studies are now coming out to prove how playing video games can help treat depression. It wasn't long when a mobile app called Project Evo was created by a team of scientists to address depression, and now, another research has found an evidence to how video games and brain training applications can be used in effective treatment of depression.

A new study by the University of California - Davis has found that video games and applications that stimulate brain training can be an effective treatment option for depression, Science Daily reported. According to the study, this can be considered as an effective treatment method with the use of carefully designed persuasive message prompts which act like a sort of for them to play the game more frequently.

These messages target depression that are perceived as either internal or external. Internal depression is the one that is caused by chemical imbalance or something that is inherited. External depression on the other hand is the one that is caused by outside factors, such as relationship problems, career or job issues.

While there are differences in the approach used in the reminder messages, they all concluded to one inspirational notes to urge participants to play the game, UPI reported.

For the participants who felt internal depression, they reported that they felt that they could do something to take control over the condition which means that brain training games can indeed influence cognitive changes.

On the other hand, the participants who experienced external depression have led users to spend more time playing video games. However, the researchers stated that this was only because of the instant engagement. It also did not bring in long-term results.

The study has not really touched on whether playing these games can actually reduce depression but they said that they will be looking at this angle in the future studies.

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