LeBron James Says More Scientists And People Needed in STEM, not Athletes


Almost every young boy who is into playing basketball dreams to be like LeBron James one day. LeBron James however has a message to those who admire him and his talent and skills. He'd rather see more kids dream to be scientists, doctors, engineers, instead of striving to be professional athletes.

The famous star player of the Cleveland Cavaliers encourages more young people to pursue careers in STEM or science, technology, engineering and math for Verizon's #WeNeedMore Campaign, the VIBE reported.

In the new ad spot which also features NFL player Drew Brees, and model Adriana Lima, James said that there is no need for more LeBron's, while Saints QB Drew Brees also noted that there is no need for more Drews.

What the commercial was trying to point out was while there are only 624 professional basketball players, and 2,880 football players, there are 4 million STEM-related jobs in the US waiting to be filled in by young people, according to Sporting News.

In his lengthy Instagram post, James wrote on Saturday that what the world needs are more scientists, physical therapists, teachers, police officers, doctors, physicists, professors, computer engineers and a lot more! He said that kids should know that there is really no limit to what they want to be, because people in these fields are just as talented as any other athlete, or are even more talented.

He also added how he has met and worked with incredible people who have never played in the court but are just as vital to success as he is. He acknowledges that without these people, he would have not played the kind of game he did. He ended his post by encouraging kids to have their hearts and minds opened to the world and see the possibilities. And he finally inspires them to dream big.

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