Top Ways To Enjoy Spring Break Without Leaving The City


Usually, students think of spring break as equivalent to traveling to another place for a vacation. But, who says one can't enjoy the break by staying in the city and catching up on some R&R?

Plus, students can still do a lot of fun things without putting a dent to their wallets. For those who really plan to travel, check out these top European spring break destinations and the spots you can visit for free. For those who plan on staying in the city, check out the following top five enjoyable things you can do, shared by USA Today College.


Catching up on sleep is one of the best ways to spend your spring break. Make sure to develop a good sleeping pattern so that, when the next school year comes, you can continue having the right amount of rest each night. It was reported that college students are notorious for neglecting sleep. Sleep helps improve one's memory and spurs creativity.

Be lazy

Spring break may be the only time where you can stay at home and do nothing all day without having to worry about what projects and coursework you should be doing. Students can also opt to practice meditation, which helps reduce stress, improve concentration and increase self-awareness, according to the Huffington Post.

Get out

For those who don't want to stay in, spring break would be the best time to get to know your city more. Find holes in the walls and popular local attractions with your friends.

Cultivate your interests

Maybe you have some passion projects that you forgot about with all the coursework that you needed to do in school; you can pursue them during spring break. Students can also develop new hobbies and interests during this time.


Yes, you already had to do a lot of reading for school but when was the last time that you picked up a book because you actually want to read it? Lifehack noted that reading promotes mental stimulation, stress reduction, vocabulary expansion and memory improvement, among others.

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