Video Games May Help Students Deal With Depression; Subliminal Messages Control Disorder

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More and more studies are surfacing backing the effect of video games on players. The recent being it might be able to help students out of mild depression. While its critics have raved over the years about video gaming being detrimental to the mental and physical health of a child, this new study tilts the scale.

It seem like playing video games can beat the blues and they are super easy to find at sites like The Old School Game Vault. According to a recent paper published in the journal of Computer in Human Behavior, students diagnosed with mild depression who have read message prompts on the video games could ultimately change their perception and change their lives, IFL Science reported. Overall it helps them out of depression.

The old prejudice that playing violent games or a long-term exposure from them affects a player's empathy met its game over. This study from the University of California also tips the balance and seeks to wipe the stigma attached to video gaming. A video game may be a viable treatment for mental health problems, Huffington Post UK reported.

The study says that students who are playing their favorite games may help them gain control over their depression and may give them strength over the mood disorder, but only through the message prompts. In the study, the researchers used three-minute neurophyisiological training tasks video games. They targeted two types of people from the 160 participants.

The researchers created a version for those who have been diagnosed with internal depression, meaning afflicted by the disorder through hereditary factor or chemical imbalance. The other 80 participants were being treated for external depression, meaning depressed because of environmental factors such as relationships or jobs.

At the end of the video games, the players received an inspirational message regarding not taking breaks and putting their best efforts in order to obtain the benefits of tasks. Subuhi Khan, the study's main author said the message was essential in the success of their experiment in proving that video games can help someone out of depression. According to Khan, if video games are designed to have persuasive message prompts, they can be used as tools or less attrition-ridden treatment option.

According to the statistics from the NHS, four percent of the children in UK aging from five to sixteen are diagnosed depressed or anxious. The World Health Organization views depression s the leading cause of disability worldwide.

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