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College Student Nabs "The Tonight Show' Dream Internship By Rapping His Application


Jake Sirianni, A communications student at Washington State University, applied for an internship with "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," but he did it in an unconventional way that got the attention of many people, and landed him the job.

The idea is not that original, however, it was clear that Sirianni did quite a bit of research to remake one for his own. He said the inspiration came while watching Nick Garrett's Fall 2016 internship video, where he remade "The Tonight Show" Intro. Apparently, it worked; Garrett currently works as the general production intern for Jimmy Fallon.

As for the material, he decided he would make a parody of one of the most viewed skits on the show. He found th e Daniel Radcliffe video rapping to the alphabet aerobics in 2014. Sirianni then spent a month of production for his two-minute video.

It took him a week and a half to write the material while using up the rest editing out Radcliffe from the original video. According to him, he wanted to do something that would mix his two passions of video and music. Within two days of its release, Sirianni's video went viral garnering over 100,000 views, it prompted the hashtag #HireJake to be widely used on Facebook and Twitter, USA Today reported.

Fallon showed the video Wednesday night, and on the show, Jimmy Fallon himself announced that he got the job. Sirianni was thrilled with the announcement citing that it was his dream internship.

The importance of internships

Internships really do add value towards a career path. The first real benefit is getting first-hand real-world experience. Theories learned in the classroom can be fully applied in real-life settings and presents opportunities to pick-up new skills along the way.

By interacting with industry professionals during an internship program, the intern gain contacts and learn skills on how to properly communicate in a professional setting. Expanding networks could also gain good references or even find or offered new job opportunities and mentors, according to CNN.

Internships can be strong résumé builders. No one can build a strong résumé without experience. Internships, in fact, are keys to building experience. Chances of being hired are significantly higher than having a generic résumé and lacking in experience.

Being in a professional environment, interns learn to value and respect time. Time management is crucial in any working environment whether attending meetings, or finishing tasks on deadlines.

It is not uncommon for internships to transition into full-time positions. Being an intern sets career foundations; therefore, it is likewise important to choose internships that are based on your interests and career prospects.

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