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iMac 2017 Update: AMD Ryzen Brings Power, Speed, Efficiency To Trample Surface Studio; April Event Unveiling Expected


Apple may finally opt for AMD Ryzen 7 1800X in the newest iMac 2017 for a combination of power, speed, and energy efficiency to trample its rival, the severely underpowered Microsoft Surface Studio. The desktop was snubbed in the March 21 announcement of new Apple Products which may just be a foretaste of an even bigger event this April where the iMac may take its long overdue place in the limelight.

There is enough evidence to support why Apple may be ditching Intel even with its high-performing Kaby Lake processor particularly the Core i7-7700K. The Best Buy October 2016 may have specifically mentioned Kaby Lake but the listing could have been a placeholder and was posted before AMD Ryzen 7 was unleashed. Hence, the iMac 2017 may sport the top tier AMD Ryzen 7 1800X that could give the newest iteration not only power, speed but also energy efficiency. AMD and Apple now share the same guiding principle to improve performance at less energy consumption and Ryzen has way lower TDP than its Intel counterparts, according to Architosh.

AMD may also be featured in the new iMac 2017 particularly Polaris 10, which fuels rumors that the desktop or an Apple device for that matter may finally have VR support. It seems unlikely that Apple will go for VR for it is a widely known fact that Tim Cook has been raving about AR since day one. The newly released Apple app called Clips is already a foretaste of the inroads Apple is gaining in AR starting with the mobile software. Nonetheless, a non-VR iMac is not a major issue for the desktop is not pitched for gaming rather it is the go-to device for creatives, artists, video editors, and other professionals.

The iMac 2017 has not had a major upgrade since October 2015 when the Retina-class screen resolution was introduced and the Skylake processor was integrated into the larger models. Unlike the yearly launch or even the twice yearly updates on iOS devices, iMacs and MacBooks follow a different upgrading cycle. Besides, Apple has always been known for its premium build which is why its desktops and Pro devices have not been upgraded for years. However, the current iMac is already long overdue one, which is backed up by Cook himself in a Q&A on Apple's internal employee network saying that desktops remain strategic, Tech Crunch reported.

The "great desktops in our roadmap" may just be the beginning as Cook is leading the team in Augmented Reality, the next big thing in modern gadgetry. This could be why Apple is employing a different strategy, reducing its entry-level pricing for the AirPods, Apple Watch, and the new 9.7-inch iPad at only $349 to get more users into its ecosystem before its AR technology is ready to be unleashed. Observers say that Apple will continue its recent practice of not going wild at launches with minimal upgrades in its products including the iMac 2017. The newest desktop will most likely be unveiled on Apple's spring event this April or may be announced during the keynote address of the WWDC in June, according to MacWorld.

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