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Apple New Video Editing App ‘Clips’ Does Not Threaten Snapchat; Early Venture Into AR Now Previewed


Apple also launched a new video, photo with music editing app called "Clips" sharing features with Snapchat, which is unfazed with the similarity primarily because Apple does not have a social media platform. Strange that it is a standalone app suggests an early venture into Augmented Reality, which has been a long-term and serious goal of Apple CEO Tim Cook believing that Apple AR devices may one day supplant the iPhone.

The new Apple app called "Clips" is due to be rolled out with iOS 10.3 next month but the folks at Cupertino already gave a preview of its usability and features. The app is not a social media platform but does have sharing functionalities to various networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Vimeo. It is specifically designed for users who find the iMovie complicated for it only provides the very basic tools as simple as holding a red button to record or grab content from one's gallery according to Tech Crunch.

Notably, Apple's "Clips" is the very first app that the company made for the mobile platform that no longer requires porting an existing computer to iOS. It is also a testament to Apple's expertise on the software end particularly with the app's standout feature, the Live Titles, where captions are automatically generated from the user's speech. Apple has successfully made use of the speech to text technology that the company has been working on in iOS.

However, tech experts find it baffling why Apple released a standalone app with no dedicated platform. The timing is also suspect, which lead many to believe that the Cupertino-based giant is laying the foundations for something really big. Loupe ventures managing director and long-time Apple analyst Gene Munster revealed that a deeper look into "Clips" shows filters and AR overlays as telltale evidence of where Apple is heading, CNBC reported. Observers say that this may be in line with Cook's aggressive pursuit of the AR technology, knowing that it will be the future of the next generation gadgetry.

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