Stephen Hawking Is Headed For Space On Virgin Galactic Trip


Renowned physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking is space bound on a Virgin Galactic trip after accepting an invitation from Richard Branson while contemplating that he might not be welcome in America anymore.

Stephen Hawking is space bound

In an interview with the British program "Good Morning Britain," the physicist stated that the birth of his three children brought him great joy, but what would make him happy, is to travel in space, adding that he already completed a zero-gravity flight. Amidst concern for his safety, even after being certified by several doctors, an emergency room was set up on board G-Force One. Four physicians and two nurses accompanied him on the trip.

The concern was later set aside when the flight had turned out so well. A two 30-second weightless arc flight turned to a full eight. The professor broke another mold by showing the world that disabled individuals could safely fly in Zero-G, as attested by six wheelchair-bound teenagers who took a subsequent trip following Hawking's, Seeker reported.

Hawking stated that his ultimate ambition is to fly into space. He thought no one would take him until Richard Branson offered him a seat on Virgin Galactic, to which the physicist responded to an immediate yes.

Stephen Hawking Not Welcome in America

Professor Hawking stated that he has many friends and colleagues in America, and he still considers it a place he likes and admires in many ways. However, he feels he may no longer be welcome.

In the wide-ranging interview, professor Hawking discussed US president Donald Trump, who he stated is a demagogue, who appeals to the lowest common denominator. As such, the renowned scientist fears that his statement might be enough reason for him to not be welcome in America.

Furthermore, he charged the president's priority lies in satisfying his electorate who are neither liberals nor that well-informed, CNN reported.

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