NASA Scientist Says The Earth Is Due For An Extinction Level Event [Video]


A NASA Scientist has issued a warning that the Earth is due for an extinction-level event, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Dr. Joseph Nuth, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland, US, issued a plea to policy makers in the US to begin preparations for such an event that could strike the planet at any time in the future. He said that these extinction-level-events are similar to the ones that killed off the dinosaurs and are 50 to 60 million years apart, he continued saying we are due yet it is a random course from that point.

The statement corroborated what Physicist Stephen Hawking said a month prior to Dr. Nuth's. Essentially, Professor Hawkins said that doomsday space rocks would be a bane to humanity and any other intelligent species out there.

Accordingly, Astronomer Patrick Michel said they are following the movements of 90 percent of asteroids that are capable of wiping life if ever they plowed Earth. He says there are gigantic space rocks that are more than a kilometer in size, which means that a vast number of these space rocks could be on a collision course with Earth.

However, NASA officials said not to worry for at least the next century. According to them, we have sufficient time to protect our planet from a potential impact, Fox News reported. However, Nuth said NASA's optimism might be misplaced. He pointed out that the earth had a close encounter with a dangerous comet only two years ago when it passed by a cosmic spitting distance of Mars.

The said comet was not detected he said until just over a year before it was due to collide with Mars. He clearly illustrated that it takes NASA five years to launch a spacecraft. With the rogue comet, we only had 22 months of warning he said, according to Disclose.TV.

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