Volkswagen Academy: Where Education And Economic Growth Meets


Volkswagen Academy is a technical training center which provides training for people to prepare them for work at their car manufacturing plant. Most of the people who benefit from this program are middle agers who wants a career in the industry. The training provides jobs which, in turn, makes a robust economy.

Volkswagen Academy has specifically partnered with the state of Tennessee and its major educational institutions into promoting economic growth in the state. The schools it has partnered with includes the Chattanooga State Community College, Tennessee Technical University, Tennessee Technological Center, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

It provides a dual educational training for both existing employees and those who are seeking employment. The training includes promoting personal growth and advanced technical skills that will prepare the people become experts in their field or when they start working in the manufacturing plant.

By partnering with the Volkswagen Academy, the state government of Tennessee hopes that with the increase of the graduation rate, so will the economy become much stronger. More so, the state will be able to retain its graduates because there's a job waiting for them.

Nancy Patterson, vice president of public relations of Chattanooga State said that aside from the vocational course, they have also started an auto-engineering program with Volkswagen Academy to ensure students to stay in the state rather than move to another state because there are greener pastures there.

Aside from retaining graduates, more graduates mean the state won't have to import workers from other places. But most importantly, it will also benefit the low-income families in the state.

Aside from Volkswagen, other major car manufacturers, such as Nissan and General Motors, have operating plants in the state. Even the South Korean consumer electronics company LG has their plant in Tennessee, which is the company's first washing machine facility in the United States.

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