Med School Admission Trends In 2017


Generally speaking, the academic prerequisites for medical school is the same every day. However, each school have their own admission requirements and understanding these trends or requirements will give you a better chance to secure a place in the med school of your choice. Here are some of the med school admission trends this 2017.

Competition becomes stiffer

Statistics released by the Association of American Medical Colleges showed that for the 2016- 2017 school year, there are more than 53,042 applicants to med schools and AAMC is expecting that number to increase more this year. Out of those 50K plus applicants, only 21,030 were able to enter med school suggesting how difficult the process and stiff the competition is.

Furthermore, the required MCAT score for med school applicants is 501.8 while med students are required to maintain a score of 508.7 or higher. You might think that you have good MCAT and GPA scores but you have to understand that so do other applicants.

Social media presence will be part of the process

Medical schools are becoming more choosy in selecting their applicants. A strong MCAT or GPA score is not enough anymore but a lot of med schools are also checking the social media profile of their would-be students making sure that they conduct a professional and respectable image both online and offline. Thus, it is advisable to check yourself online before applying for medical school to make sure if there are any evidences that will make you an unfit candidate.

Schools are taking a holistic approach in their admission process

Just like your social media presence is an important factor to your admission to med school, so does your personal strengths. These are important because med schools want to know whether you can handle the pressure and demands physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore, before you pass your application, assess your personal strengths and make sure you pair them with the appropriate academic strength you possess.

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